Monday, November 03, 2008


Digitized from the original CD, released in 2008 on Fantasy Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Gabe Dixon & Neal Cappelino
Engineered By: Gabe Dixon & Neal Cappelino
Recorded & Mixed At: Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN.
Cover Art: Henry Diltz
Five More Hours
Further The Sky
All Will Be Well
Find My Way
Till You're Gone
Far From Home
Ever After You
And The World Turned
Baby Doll
Further The Sky (reprise)
Gabe Dixon - Vocals, Keyboards
Winston Harrison - Bass, Mandator
Jano Rix - Drums
By Yours Truly
This album is what I would call a very pleasant surprise. I had downloaded it some time ago, but I didn't get around to sitting down and listening to it until about a week and a half ago and it really caught my ear. I stopped what I was doing and started listening in earnest. By the time the first play thru was over I was sold on these guys. I immediately hit replay and started doing a net search on the Gabe Dixon Band. Since then this album has been working overtime in my Ipod and it's to the point now that I've got most of the lyrics memorized and find myself singing along with almost every song.
The Gabe Dixon band is a 3 piece outfit, Keyboards, Bass and Drums and these cats are the real deal, each one a journeyman on their instrument. Gabe Dixon is a classically trained pianist and his chops are amazing. this album is just chock full of wonderful, beautiful melodies, great lyrics and excellent singing. Actually it was his voice that caught my ear first but once I sat down and read thru the lyrics I realized he not only was a great singer but also one helluva songwriter. There are some great upbeat tunes on here that will get rid of a bad day in minutes and some awesome ballads. One in particular, "And the World Turned" really did a number on me emotionally....kinda surprised me.
While the media seems to be treating this album as their first release, it's only their first release on Fantasy records, but their 3rd album overall. I've already read that Gabe is being compared to Elton John and Billy Joel in their early days and there may be some truth to that.....I hear Bruce Hornsby more than Elton or BJ, because the piano playing is more melodically based, but comparisions aside Gabe has his own distinct voice and style that shows itself the more I play this album. After living with this one for a couple days I ordered all 3 of them off the net and now I'm waiting somewhat patiently for the package to arrive.
As luck would have it I found out that Gabe and the boys are going to be playing in Grand Rapids on the 19th of this month as a warm-up act for Mark Broussard, whom I'm not familar with yet, and I have every intention of being up front when he starts pounding on that keyboard. If they're anywhere near as good live as this album then it should be one helluva treat to witness.
Take a listen to the videos I put up and see what ya think.
READ THIS for more information on this album.

Gabe Dixon Band / Till You're Gone

Gabe Dixon Band / Five More Hours

Gabe Dixon Band / All Will Be Well


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