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Digitized from the original Vinyl LP, released in 1980 on Capitol Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Jay Ferguson & Michael Verdick
Assistant Engineers: D.C. Snyder, Terry Nelson, James Geddes, Gary Lubow
Recorded At: Sound City, Van Nuys, California; Santa Barbara Sound, Santa Barbara, California
Mixed At: Location Recording Service, Burbank, California
Cover Art: Mitchell Funk
Love At The Red Line
Modern Girl
This Is Your Life (Take A Little, Take A Lot)
The Last Laugh
Missing Persons
You Should Know Better Than That
Local Color
Hard Enough Being A Man
My Baby's Eyes
The Juggler
Jay Ferguson - Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Bob Webb - Guitar, Vocals
Robbie Alpert - Keyboards
David White - Bass, Vocals
Curly Smith - Drums
Joe Walsh - Guitar
Tony Battaglia - Guitar
Harry Stinson - Vocals
Jim Horn - Recorder, Sax
Terry Nelson - Percussion
By Yours Truly
I was a big SPIRIT fan back in the day, remember listening to Mechanical World and Fresh Garbage on a late night underground radio show and picking up their first album not long after that but this isn't Spirit, this is just the voice of Spirit, Jay Ferguson, years later, trying to keep a solo career going.
This LP is another one of those that got lost in the deluge of crap at the beginning of the 80's and while it's not an earth shakingly great album it has enough good music on it to warrant giving it a listen. Others will argue that his earlier solo albums or his Jo Jo Gunne stuff is better than this one but to each his own I guess. I'd say his vocal work in Spirit was his best stuff. There's nothing that jumps right out at me on this disc, but the quality of the tunes is fairly consistent and the production is well done. Jay put out one more solo album in '82 before tossing in the towel on performing and went into writing music for TV. Hey, a guy's gotta make a living and times change. I sometimes wonder if I'd had the courage to pursue the musical career I dreamed of and worked towards where I'd be now and what I'd be doing. Like to think I'd still be out there putting it down, but unless the big guy decides to grant me overs I guess we'll never know........
Rock and Roll kids.
READ THIS for more information on this album.


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