Sunday, August 24, 2008


Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1980 on Atlantic Records.
Format: Mp3

Bit Rate: 256 Kbps

Produced By: Tim Friese-Greene & City Boy
Recorded At: Superbear Studios, France & Tocano Studios, Denmark
Mixed At: Tocano Studios
Engineered By: Mike Shipley
Cover Art: City Boy & Michael Munday
Mr. Shoes
Heads Are Rolling
Need A Little Loving
Change In The Weather
Bloody Sunday
The Sound Of The Bell
You're Leaving Me
Heaven For The Holidays
Life On The Balcony

Lol Mason - Vocals
Max Thomas - Keyboards
Mike Slamer - Guitars, Bass
Roy Ward - Drums, Vocals
By Yours Truly
Album #6. When this one came out I was almost distraught when I found out that 2 of the 6 members had left the band. I also learned a valuable lesson with this album that I still carry around with me today when listening to new music. Between what I saw as the band breaking up and the fact that their last album was one of the best albums ever released at that point in my life, I developed a bias against this release before I ever put it on the turntable. I did play it a number of times, but it never lived up to my expectations of being "The Day The Earth Caught Fire Volume 2" so I put it away and moved on and never saw another City Boy album after that one.
Move ahead 20 years or so, my kids are starting to grow up and leave home and I have time again to devote to music and now with the internet info is so much easier to find.....One night I ran across a German gentleman who was selling copies of the last City Boy album called "It's Personal" that he'd transfered from vinyl to CD and for 20 bucks he'd send me a copy. Well, legalities and moral issues aside, I wanted to hear it and the only way I could see that happening was to send him a check, so I did and hoped for the best. Several weeks later a CD showed up in the mail. I popped it in the player and City Boy came rockin' out of the speakers. This of course prompted a replay of their whole catalog and when I got to this album I found myself amazed that I hadn't liked it because now I found a fantastic, rockin' collection of great tunes. There are no slouches on here at all for me but I do have my favs......"Need A Little Lovin'', "Domino" "Speechless" is a beautiful tune. "The Sound Of The Bell" & "Life On the Balcony" really paint pictures in my head too.
Oh, the lesson learned? Don't listen to music with any predetermined opinion or bias. Easy enough to say but it's hard not to do sometimes. I've found the best way to listen to new music is without knowing who is doing the playing. Then, it's all about the song which is the way it should be.
Anyhow, give this one a go and see what ya think. Hopefully you won't be Speechless after hearing it from start to finish.....
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