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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1977 on Asylum Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
Produced By: Terence Boylan
Engineered By: Paul Grupp & Steve Hodge
Assistant Engineers: Deni King & Lloyd Clift
Recorded At: The Record Plant, Amigo Studios, Capitol Recording Studios, Village Recorders & Westlake Audio
Album Cover: Robert Motherwell
Don't Hang Up Those Dancing Shoes / Shake It / Sundown Of Fools / The War Is Over / Shame / Hey Papa / Where Are You Hiding? / Rain King / Trains
All music, lyrics & arrangements by Terence Boylan
Terence Boylan - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Drums - Jim Gordon, Mickey McGee, Jeff Pocaro, Russell Kunkel, John Guerin
Bass - Chuck Rainey, David Jackson, Bob Glaub, Leeland Sklar, Wilton Felder, Max Bennett
Keyboards - Donald Fagan, Victor Feldman, Al Kooper, David Paich, Jai Winding
Guitars - Dean Parks, Ben Benay, Don Evans, Steve Lukather
Percussion - Victor Feldman
Background Vocals - Timothy Schmit, Don Henley, Dodie Petit
Sax - Gary Foster, John Klemmer
WEBSITE(S): Terence Boylan Home Page
Complex Beauty in Composition, Lyrics and Performace, June 4, 2001
By J. Winokur "Jimmy Winokur" (Denver, CO USA) (Amazon Customer Review)
Like the others, I happily welcome this album, from one of the very finest of the extraordinary singer-songwriters of the late 70s. Reportedly, it may signal the return of Terence Boylan to new writing, recording and performance. My awareness of Terence Boylan's music derived from the overlap between his musical backup performers and folks on early Steely Dan albums. In retrospect, this is no accident, since some of these fellows' roots trace back to the offbeat, academically excellent Bard College. In looking to Boylan for challenging but accessible music by perfectionistic music-makers, I was hardly disappointed! Yet, the Terence Boylan recordings are far from the style of Steely Dan (or Donald Fagan & Walter Becker). Boylan's lyrics are highly literate -- deft portrayals of very specific emotional moments, but far less inclined than Fagan's to the seamy-side. The music is a bit closer to familiar melodic and harmonic material, but original and different enough to remain fresh, engaging and welcome over decades of careful listening. The texture on almost all tracks is thick and tasty, sharpening the lyricism of the underlying music. Production is excellent. For me, these recordings would rate in the very top -- "desert-isle-stash" -- tier of music I have ever enjoyed!
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