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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1980 on Kirshner Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Kerry Livegren & Brad Aaron
Engineered By: Brad Aaron
Engineering Assistant: Greg Webster
Recorded & Mixed At: Axis Studios, Atlanta, GA.; February / March 1980
Cover Art: Randy South
Just One Way
Mask Of The Great Deceiver
How Can You Live
Whiskey Seed
To Live For The King
Down To The Core
Ground Zero
Kerry Livgren - Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals
Vocals - Jeff Pollard, Ronnie James Dio, Steve Walsh, Myron LeFevre, Davy Moire, David Pack
Drums - Barriemore Barlow, Phil Ehart, John Thompson
Bass - Paul Goddard, Gary Gilbert
Violins - Robbie Steinhardt
Harmonica - Darryl Kutz
Trumpet - Bobby Campo
Percussion - Bobby Campo
Backing Vocals - Jeff Pollard, Mylon LeFevre, John Fristoe, Joey Jelf, Steve Walsh, Donna Williams, Victoria Livgren, Brad Aaron, Davy Moire, Steve Venezia
Artistic and Spiritual Integrity, September 14, 2003
Charles C. Emich (Annapolis, MD United States) - Amazon Customer Review.
"Seeds of Change" remains one of my favorite albums since its release in 1980. Kerry Livgren managed to produce a sound almost devoid of Kansas influence at the zenith of that band's career. His tasteful inclusion of several musicians he always admired unfolded like a well-cast movie. The risk he took in departing from the lengthier opus format for which he was so well known was gutsy, and resulted in underscoring his versatility in writing shorter, more "patatable" tunes.
Mr. Livgren presented his Christian faith with an integrity and honesty often missing in similar efforts. Avoiding the confrontational religious jargon frequently rewarded as "bold" in evangelical circles, he deftly built a tenable bridge to those who might be honestly searching for truth by remaining true to his own intellect and refusing to indulge in divisive, self-indulgent preachiness.
The album is not without controversy. The presence of Ronnie James Deo (at the time, the lead singer of Black Sabbath) troubled some within the Christian community, while its undeniably credible approach to spiritual matters left many unbelievers with a lingering sense of conviction. As a result, the album found itself in a nether-world between the church and the secular communities, with too much unadulterated honesty and too little partisan self-engrandizement to be widely celebrated by a majority in either camp.
None of this should stop anyone from listening to an album with some really good music on it. The subtlety of Mr. Livgren's lyrical approach leaves room for the spiritually unaffilliated to enjoy the material without fear of a forced audio-baptism. Christian listeners, on the other hand, might allow themselves to enjoy the album if they consider that having Ronnie James Deo sing Christian lyrics might be just what the Doctor ordered, and that his presence does not curse the recording or those who listen to it.
Let Me Just Repeat what Was Just Said......
By Yours Truly
None of this should stop anyone from listening to an album with some really good music on it. Bottom line there. Listen without prejudice.
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