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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1978 on United Artists Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Produced By: Tony Bongiovi & Lance Quinn For Mainman LTD
Engineered By: Bob Clearmountain & Don Berman
Assistant Engineers: Rayarella Willhard, Tommy Millmore & Dee Rob
Recorded & Mixed At: The Power Station, New York, New York & Cherokee Recording Studios, Hollywood, California
Album Cover: Georgina Karvellas
Survivor / Anxious Heart / Desire Wire / Time N Charges / High School History / Mean In Your Heart / Hot Tears / Knee Deep In Love / Finally Rockin'
All songs written by Cindy Bullens
Cindy Bullens - Vocals, Guitars
Guitars - Jeff Mironov, Mark Doyle, David Mansfield, Lance Quinn, Danny Gatton
Keyboards - Leon Pendarvis Jr. Billy Mernit, Rob Mounsey, Paul Shaffer
Bass - Neil Jason, Bob Babbitt
Drums - Jerry Marotta, Alan Swartzberg
Synthesizer - Leon Pendarvis Jr, Kenny Bishell
Percussion - Jimmy Maelen
Backing Vocals & Arrangements - Cindy Bullens, Jon Joyce, Billy Mernit
String & Horn Arrangements - Harold Wheeler
Horns - Lou Marini, George Young, Jerry Peterson
WEBSITE(S): Official Site MySpace Page Publik Music Site
Born in 1953, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. Now based in Maine, this singer-songwriter traveled to Los Angeles, California in 1974 in an attempt to break into the music business. Her dedication paid off when she was taken on tour by Elton John, and appeared on his 1976 collection, Blue Moves. Further session work entailed before Bullens was picked to sing on the Grammy nominated Grease soundtrack. A solo deal with United Artists Records followed, and Bullens earned another Grammy nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance for her single "Survivor', taken from 1979"s Desire Wire. The follow-up, Steal The Night, was less successful, although "Trust Me" became a minor hit single. Bullens appeared on Bryan Adams' You Want It, You Got It in 1981, and over the course of the decade performed with artists including Bonnie Raitt, Rod Stewart, Lucinda Williams, Joe Cocker and Bob Dylan. She resurrected her own solo career with a strong album for MCA Records in 1989.In the 90s, Bullens concentrated on songwriting, composing songs for blues singer Sarah Brown, country trio Dixie Chicks and R&B legend Irma Thomas, and co-writing the Radney Foster hit "Hammer And Nails'. She also set up her own Blue Lobster label, releasing 1994's Why Not? and 1999"s Somewhere Between Heaven And Earth. The latter was a heartfelt collection of songs inspired by and dedicated to her daughter Jessie, who died of cancer in 1996. The album also demonstrated how highly Bullens is regarded within the music industry, featuring contributions from her friends Adams, Raitt, Williams, Beth Nielsen-Chapman and Rodney Crowell. The collection's high point, however, was a touching vocal duet with her other daughter, Reid, on "As Long As You Love (Scarlet Wings)".
By Yours truly
I love this woman. Have since the first time I heard this album waaay back in 1978. I played this one to death until the second one came out but the second one was a disappointment at the time and I never saw another album out of her until my wife brought home her 1999 CD, Somewhere between Heaven And Earth. (A masterpiece in it's own rite, but that's another review). What had happened between 1980 and 1999? Well, she'd got married and had a family, like myself and that took up most of her time. She did put out an excellent album in 1989, that I didn't know about until 10 years later.Anyhow, this is her 1st album and it's a rock and roll affair. It's my humble opinion that there's not a bad cut on this disc. Survivor, Desire Wire, Mean In Your Heart & Knee Deep In Love are probably my favorite cuts but there are no slouches. She has a stellar crew backing her up and everyone does their part to make this a high quality event. If you like a woman who can sing her heart out and rock with the best of them then I'd recommend that you give this baby a couple listens at a decent volume. Actually I'd recommend her whole catalog. Visit her website and check out her history......she's a grandma now and is still making some of the best music out there.......Rock and Roll will never die!!
Cindy has written to me and asked me to remove the link, which I have done. It was not / is not my intention to take income from her, but to turn new people on to her music and the fact that she's been around for more than a year or two.
As we all know though there are differing opinions on music sharing these days and I do not want to hurt anyone's chances of making a living in music, I just want to get the word out as much as possible about people I think need to be heard. The radio is a wasteland these days and without music sharing via the blogs I would not have bought at least 90% of the CD's that I've bought in the last two years. ALL the new music I've heard that appeals to me has come to me from sharing and word of mouth.
My blog is a tiny thing, with a small audience and only 5 people have downloaded Cindy's album from me, but 20%, yup, 1 out of 5, took the time to write back and say how my post convinced him to finally listen to this album. who knows now where his listening took him? Did he not like it and delete it or did he love it and plan to BUY more of Cindy's music?
I'll continue to expose people around me to new and old music just like I did 30 years ago with a cassette tape recorder, but obviously this way is not the best way for everybody and it's not my intention to upset the very folks who I have the most respect for so I will honor the request not to help spread the word.
Tom - 5/6/08


Blogger Camarillo Brillo said...

Got to admit, I have seen this out there a few times, never sparked my interest, but the reviews and your recommendation persuaded me to give it a shot!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 10:52:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Kevin Spence said...

Tom, I was cleaning out the basement this morning and stumbled onto a list of all the 300 LPs I owned in the 70s and 80s. I had Cindy Bullens' Desire Wire on LP. Tried to find it on iTunes, but all I got was her work on Grease. How can I download a copy of Desire Wire for the iPod so Cindy gets royalties?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 4:31:00 PM EST  
Blogger Tom Eckels said...


The short answer is that you can't. However don't despair because after all these years Cindy has plans to release Desire Wire on CD early in this year. If you go to her website and drop her a line asking when the release date is for Desire Wire hopefully she'll be able to give you a better answer than I can.

If you do write tell her I sent ya...that might help LOL!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at 11:26:00 PM EST  

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