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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1973 on Warner Brothers Records 
BIT RATE: 320 kbps 
Produced By: Kenny Young & Robert Appere 
Recorded at Clover Recorders, CBS (Loudon), Sound Labs & Island Studios 
Engineers: Robert Appere, Bernie O'Gorman, Phil Brown
Mixed at Clover Recorders
Photography: Lee Lawrence
Cover Art:John Kosh
All songs written by Kenny Young
Amanda In A Sliver World
Light To Light
Play Electric Waters
Last Year Of The Blue Men
Under The Boardwalk
Blue Men Serenade
Wake Up Navajo
Solitary Sing Song
Teyo-Starlight Scorpio
Pisces Babies
Last Stage For Silverworld 
Kenny Young - Guitar
Dean Parks - Guitar
Louis Shelton - Guitar
Dave Cohen - Guitar
Wayne Perkins - Guitar
Mark Werner - Guitar
Wilton Felder - Bass
Leeland Sklar - Bass
Tracy Harrill - Bass
Mike Kelly - Drums
Jim Keltner - Drums
Russ Kunkel - Drums, Percussion
Joe Sample - Keyboards
Richard Kerr - Keyboards
Tom Canning - Keyboards
John "Rabbit" Bundick - Keyboards
Clarence McDonald - Keyboards
Jim Horn - Sax, Recorder
Jim Price - Horn
Bobby Keys - Horn
Chris Gunning - Strings
Bobbye Hall - Percussion
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Albert Hammond, Susan Traynor, Andee Silver,Andy Kim, Carol Carmichael, Linda Carey, Rita Bodine, Gerald Garret - Background Singers 

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Who is Kenny Young? New York songwriter and performer. Wrote "Under the Boardwalk" (Drifers, Rolling Stones). Wrote "Just A Little Bit Better" (Herman's Hermits). Wrote "Silverbird" (Mark Lindsay). Wrote "Don't Out In The Rain" (Herman's Hermits).
This the second of 2 LP's he recorded when he was signed to UK and US Warner Bros as an artist. Cleverly written and performed.
By Dennis Lea on January 4, 2014
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I've been affected by this album since the 70s. To finally get a copy almost 40 years later and get transported back is amazing. Fantastic album ! Genius Kenny Young deserves credit. The lost art of album covers says it all.
By Gerald S. Bales on July 18, 2011
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In college in the 70's, a housemate who worked in a radio station brought home a promotional LP. I fell in love with it instantly and made a cassette, which I prized for decades. I never new if the album had ever been released. Even in the early years of the Internet it was non-existent. Now it can find a new audience. The vocals are brilliant, the melodies and orchestrations are creative and interesting, and the lyrics are intriguing and entertaining (it has been classified as a Sci-Fi rock or Fantasy rock genre, of which there isn't enough of). Every song is unique (not repetitive), but as a concept album, it flows incredibly cohesively, much as does Abbey Road (each song seems to flow naturally from the one before). The album is brilliant. 
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