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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1978 on Arista Records. 
BIT RATE: 320 kbps 
Produced By: Eddy Offord & David Sancious 
Recorded on the Eddy Offord Remote Studio in Woodstock 
Engineers: Tommy Edmonds & Eddy Offord
Mixed at Bearsville Studios
Engineers: Eddy Offord & Chris Andersen
Mastered at Master Disk by Bob Ludwig
Cover Art:John E. Barrett, Richard Sarbin, Bob Nacy
Logo Design: Hal Fiedler
Logo Sculpture: Nick Fssciano
Art Direction: Howard Fritzson 
Sound Of Love
Move On
Prelude #3
On The Inside
Fade Away
Ever The Same
Matter Of Time 
David Sancious - Keyboards, Guitars. Bass
Ernest Carter – Drums & Percussion
Gerald Carboy- Bass
Alex Ligertwood - Vocals
Brenda Madison – Vocals
Gail Boggs - Vocals 
By Yours Truly
To the best of my knowledge this is David's 3rd solo album and it's another great one, full of excellent musicianship and songs. Right now I can't think of much else to say about it, but listen and see what you think....... 
True Stories, Truly Wonderful
By J. J. Martin on March 18, 2001
Format: Audio CD
If I hadn't been shopping in my favorite record store one day in 1978 when this album happened to be playing on the store's sound system, I probably would have missed out on one of the most beautiful and spiritual albums of the rock era. I bought the album immediately and turned most of my friends on to it. At the time we had all been through our progressive and fusion phases and were now immersing ourselves in punk / new wave. But there was something about this recording that transcended musical boundaries. I was familiar with David Sancious through his keyboard work with Bruce Springsteen, but none of his previous work prepared me for this experience. It's hard to describe this music. Powerful melodies, virtuoso playing, spiritual/uplifting themes, soulful singing. I have always been a huge Todd Rundgren fan and this album, while sounding nothing like Rundgren, reminds me of his best spiritual, positive vibe offerings. The whole album is absolutely majestic! Lead singer,Alex Ligertwood, who previously had worked with Brian Auger's Oblivion Express and Santana is a revelation-the best work of his career.The female voices of Gail Boggs and Brenda Madison are gorgeous. Gerald Carboy's bass playing is solid throughout and drummer Ernest Carter is absolutely mind boggling, where is this guy now? Of course David Sancious gets credit for writing this incredible music and playing all the melody lines through his banks of keyboards. The music doesn't sound at all dated to my ears and it never sounds pompous like some prog rock. The production by Eddie Offord of Yes and ELP fame is sparkling, crystal clear. I have had to make do with my two vinyl copies of this LP for years in hope that some bright label would have the sense to reissue it on CD (shamefully, none of Sancious' back catalog has been available for years). Thanks to those wonderful folks at One Way records in my own hometown of Albany, NY, True Stories is once again in print and it sounds better than ever. If you have ever loved progressive rock or fusion jazz, buy this CD! you will not be sorry
Music for the musicians soul
By "tommoorebh" on August 11, 2002
Format: Audio CD
True Stories. David Sancious was a keyboard player in Bruce Springsteen's band. The story goes that he was such a virtuoso that he was always blowing everyone away (not ALWAYS a good thing to do). So one night, he picks up a guitar and almost instantly was playing the worlds hottest licks and tasty rhythm guitar. TOO hot for Bruce, but wait till YOU hear it. The keyboards are incredible. Synth riffs and pads that gush the best. Chord changes that work, pounded expertly into place by the rhythm section. Earnest Carter performs feats of drum magic. A drummer's drummer. Many tunes feature Jeff Berlin on bass, another powerhouse virtuoso. But often it's not the playing - it's the ensemble here that counts. Alex Ligertwood doing impossible vocal things backed by almost choral vocals with the total band soaring away behind and throughout it all ... whoa, back to Earth. It's Fusion, it's funk. It's jazz, but that's bunk. David Sancious music, to this listener (and bass player), is simply top of the line stuff.
Musician: To miss this is to miss much. Tax your credit a little and simply buy this one. Whatever you play, there is REAL music here to be heard. If you don't play an instrument, you'll just have a seizure when you hear this music or go into arrest. Don't hold me responsible! 
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