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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1983 on Mirage / Atlantic Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps

Produced By: Paul Barrere & Jeff Glixman for E.S.U. Productions
Engineered By: Jeff Glixman & George Pappas

Assistant Engineers: Les Horn & Cheryl Bordagaray
Recorded At: Axis Studios, Atlanta Georgia & George Massenburg Studios, Los Angeles, California
Cover Art: Linda Rietrich & Bert Toulotte

Sweet Coquette

High Roller
Fool For You
Love Sweet Love
Who Knows For Sure

She Lays Down The Beat
Fortune Cookie

Along This Lane
Paul Barrere - Vocals, Gujitars, Bass, Mandolin, Percussion

Bass - Andy West
Drums - Ferrel Gummit, Rod Morgenstein
Percussion - Bobby LaKind
Keyboards: Steve Walsh, T. Lavitz, Bill Payne

Horns: Lee Thornburg, Greg Smith, Bill Bergman, Jim Coile, John Berry, Jerome Jummonville, David Stout
Background Vocals - Paul Barrere, Bobby LaKind, Keith Knudsen, Sherwood Ball, Nicolette Larson,
Unlike most albums I put up, this one isn't a big favorite of mine, although it is a pretty good album. Not Surprisingly all the tunes on this album sound like Little Feat tunes, minus Lowell George. There is no doubt that Paul is an excellent guitarist and all the back up he gets on this effort is top notch, but to me there still seems to be something missing, it's all a bit flat.
That said, I think any Little Feat fan would like this album and want to add it to their collection. Most fans will probably like this one more than I do which is why I'm putting it up. It is great cruising music for the car and it's hard to keep you feet from tapping at some point. The production is well done and the 8 tunes are clean and well balanced. I guess the problem for me is it's hard sometimes to tell where one tune stops and the next one starts.......
Give it a go and see what you think
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this album a lot. I'm a Little Feat fan and although it is not of the caliber of the Lowell George stuff there's a lot to like here. thanks for posting.

Monday, January 26, 2009 at 12:42:00 PM EST  

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