Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Digitized from the original CD, released in 2008 on Rykodisc.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps

Produced By: Joe Jackson
Album Mixed By: Sean Slade & Paul Q. Kolderie
Engineer: Julie Gardner
Mastering By: Bob Ludwig
Recorded At: Planet Roc, Berlin, Germany
Cover Art: Jim Rakete & Ed Sherman
Invisible Man
Too Tough
Citizen Sane
Wasted Time
The Uptown Train
King Pleasure Time
Solo (So Low)
Rush Across The Road
Good Bad Boy
A Place In The Rain
Joe Jackson - Vocals, Keyboards
Graham Maby - Bass, Vocals
Dave Houghton - Drums
Limitless talent. Beautiful music., June 16, 2008
By psychomuse - (Amazon Customer Review)
Any fan of Joe Jackson doesn't really need to read a review of the latest release. He or she knows it's going to be great. Joe just keeps writing and performing beautiful songs that never fit into any one genre neatly. Somehow, his style of being all over the place, taking from every musical culture, has become a style of its own. With each song, he gives back more than he has ever borrowed. This release contains 10 gems that are each as good as anything he has done before. Previous reviews have mentioned various songs as highlights. I really like them all, but I must declare there are three songs that I find to be Joe at his absolute best- The Uptown Train, Invisible Man, and the incredible Rush Across The Road. The cd could only be better if it had more songs on it! These wonderful ten songs left me yearning for more. I almost felt disappointed when the last song finished. Then I hit the repeat button. The bonus dvd, while not bursting with content, is a worthy companion to the cd.
Joe Jackson and another brilliant record, July 4, 2008
By Enrique Claure (Bolivia) - (Amazon Customer Review)
Too many years have passed since his last record. Maybe it took that long in writing this album thats just plain brilliant. As always his melodies fuse together with catchy rythms creating wonderful songs. Lyrics are smart and heart felt, his voice as good as ever even though I know he smokes like a steam locomtive. The recording itself is very good although I would not call it a master piece. Very good channel separation and low end. I feel that 10 songs are a tad few for hungry fans such as I. Oh well! lets hope he as another album coming out sooner than later. Rique Claure
By Yours Truly
This is a great Joe Jackson album, I like it alot
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