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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1977 on Warner Bros. Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
Produced By: John Haeny

Engineered By: John Haeny
Assistant Engineer: Paul Black
Recorded At: Sunset Sound, Hollywood, California
Mixed At: Hollywood Sound Recorders, Hollywood, California
Album Cover: Ron Slenzak

Ain't It So, Love
Cryin' Like A Child
Livin's Easy
Mississippi Sunshine
Eights And Aces
Sometimes When The Wind Blows
Eye Of My Storm (Oh Woman)
Ed Sanford - Keyboards, Vocals, Synthesizers

John Townsend - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica
Guitar - Fred Tackett, Otis Hale, Jerry McGee, Paul Barrere, Steve Cropper

Keyboards - Bill Payne, Mike Utley, David Paich
Bass - David Hungate
Drums - Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird
Saxophone - Otis Hale
Percussion - Milt Holland, Jeff Pocaro, Sam Clayton
Background Vocals - Richard Torrance, Herb Pedersen
All Titles Written & Arranged By: Ed Sanford & John Townsend
WHAT IF?, August 12, 2005
By Raleigh Mckeever (Atlanta, GA)
Have you ever wondered what Hall & Oates probably would have been like had they come from Alabama instead of Philadelphia? If you have, look no further than a Sanford & Townsend album for your answer!
These guys are every bit as good as H&O. The only reason I can presume for them not becoming as big is because most of H&O's work was more "commercial"; that is, capable of appealing to a wider audience. S&T, however, remained true to their Southern Roots. For some reason, I can visualize these guys rocking a packed stadium or a local roadhouse with equal ease!
Pleasing harmonies, meaningful lyrics (the kind where you can actually visualize the characters and storylines), catchy hooks. . .it's all here on this album. The only disappointment for me is that it didn't come with liner notes. I would have loved to find out where that title (Duo-Glide) came from and how it pertained to the album; not to mention the interesting cover art.
But the songs more than made up for that slight oversight. In fact, the songs gave me an idea of how much musical range these two had; specifically the song "Sometimes When The Wind Blows"; which John Townsend sang in an almost operatic style. It's definitely a far cry from the driving, gritty "Cryin' Like A Child".
In other words. . .Don't expect the same songs over and over again on this album.
According to John Townsend's web site (, he and Ed Sanford are going to release some of their old songs that, in his words, "by all accounts just crap all over a lot of the stuff that made it to our three albums"! I'll definitely be looking for that here on Amazon, too.
BTW - His site also includes song samples from his latest solo album, "The Road Leads Home". Sounds like another talented guy who's still got it some 20 something years later (One sample is his update of the S&T hit "Smoke From A Distant Fire" from about 26 years ago). That update, alone, is worth the album price!
Once you've heard these older artists blow, you don't want to hear most of these new acts - LOL!!!
READ THIS for more information on this album.



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