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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1979 on Warner Bros. Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
Produced By: Ed Sanford & John Townsend
Engineered & Mixed By: Bobby Thomas
Assistant Engineer: Brian Vessa, Carl Cicero & Dean Knight
Recorded & Mixed At: Salty Dog Studios, Van Nuys, California
Album Cover: Jim McCrary
Nail Me To The Wall
Gopher Broke
Every Day
Shady Grove
Just Another Lie
Just A Fool
Hour Of Love
Tell Me How Love Survives
All Arrangements by The Sanford Townsend Band
Ed Sanford - Keyboards, Vocals
John Townsend - Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Guitar - Otis Hale, Roger Johnson
Bass - Jerry Rightmer
Drums - Chris Meyers
Saxophone - Otis Hale
Percussion - Tom Roady
Here's yet another band that suffered from the same fate as so many other bands did back in the 70's. Why they never 'made it' is not a one dimensional question as there was more than one reason why they faded from the scene. Radio stations were certainly to blame as the days of underground radio were history for the most part by the end of the 70’s and pre-programed playlists were the new world order. Payola has been a problem for years in the radio biz and if your record company didn’t want to support your efforts then it was damn hard to get your music heard on commercial radio. Secondly in the 10 to 15 years since the Haight / Ashbury scene started a revolution in music the fan base had grown up, gotten married and started to raise families and music out of necessity had to take a back seat to paying the mortgage and feeding the kids. The same time this was happening men in suits, without a musical bone in their body, were taking over the reins of the “industry” and the prime directive became return on investment, completely. Musical talent was secondary to whether or not the product would return a profit. So anyhow, here’s another great, toe tappin’, extremely high quality musical offering that never got out to the masses so that this group of musicians could make a living doing what they loved to do. Now here we are almost 30 years later and these tunes still hold up. To me that’s the mark of good music…music that transcends time. To Ed Sanford and John Townsend better late than never might not mean much at this point in their lives, but to us who can hear this music for the first time now, better late than never is the best we can do!
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Thanks for these sanford -townsend albums, been looking for them for a long while now. much appreciated

Monday, May 26, 2008 at 6:51:00 PM EDT  

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