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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1970 on Epic Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: Variable, Avg. 192
Produced By: Edgar Winter
Associate Producer: Steve Paul
Engineered By: Roy Segal & Stu Romain
Entrance / Where Have You Gone / Rise To Fall / Fire And Ice / Hung Up / Back In The Blues / Re-Entrance / Tobacco Road / Jump Right Out / Peace Pipe / A Different Game / Jimmy’s Gospel
Edgar Winter – Vocals, Alto Sax, Keyboards
Jimmy Gillen – Drums
John Turner – Drums on Tobacco Road
Randal Dolanon – Guitar
Johnny Winter – Guitar on Tobacco Road
Gene Kurtz – Bass
Tommy Shannon – Bass on Tobacco Road
Johnny Winter - Harmonica
Horns: Ray Alonge, Earl W. Chapin, Brooks Tillotson,
Strings: Paul Gershman, Gene Cahn, Ralph Oxman, Russel Savkus, and Emanuel Green.
Stunning Debut, March 31, 2002
kamus (United States) - (Amazon Customer Review)
Edgar's first album is still one of his best. His extraordinary voice, his energetic sax and keyboard playing are all heard to great advantage here. The strong jazz infuence may come as a surprise to those who only know him from "Free Ride" and later but it's a style that he is obviously quite at home in. The best part of this record is remarkable compositional talent that Edgar displayed at such a young age. Everything about this record is first rate and even though I'm a fan of most everything he's done, this is still my favorite Edgar Winter recording of all time. Just buy it!
The Best Music ANY Winter EVER Recorded!, October 26, 2004
H. Brown "Bubs Boy" (Omaha, Nebraska United States) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I've been trying to find this in CD format for years. As I read some of the reviewers comments I was not surprised how few understand what Edgar was doing and feeling. This isn't the recording he would make money or fame on, but this is where you hear the progressive jazz that rocked the era's reviewers. Not the Rock & Roll world. The New York Times and other publications gave him outstanding RAVE reviews. He made Playboy's list as the Best New Jazz performer AND their ALLSTAR band at Sax. Side one on the LP was one song after another segwaying into the next. In the lyrics he tells the listeners that though he loves jazz and blues, he is going to try to make some money in music. Lo and behold came White Trash briefly then followed up on his promise to make money in the form of "They Only Come Out At Night". As others have said, I bought Entrance because he was Johnny's brother. I've enjoyed both mens music thoughout the years, but this offering was clearly the best music any Winter ever gave the public.
A Heckuva Start for a Career
By Yours Truly
This is one of those albums that made enough of an impression on me that I remember where I was when I first heard it. It was 1970, I was still in high school (for what that was worth) and was playing Bass in a jazz / Rock band called FLIGHT. We were all hanging around the drummer's house, making plans and talking music when one of the guys pulled out this new album that they'd just gotten and plopped it onto the turntable. When the needle hit the vinyl things got quiet and stayed quiet until the end of side one. We were all in awe as what was in those grooves was the kind of stuff that we were attempting to play. I believe this album was a source of inspiration for all of us. I know I played my copy to death, listening to the bass lines and trying to keep up as best I could. (That's me in the white T-shirt at 17).
To my mind Edgar should have stayed in this groove and put out more stuff like Entrance but everybody likes to eat so later releases got more and more accessible to the masses and less and less interesting to me. The White Trash albums were great stuff, don't get me wrong but after that I just kind of lost interest although I'm still an Edgar Winter fan based on the strength of this album alone. It still sounds great tonight as I write this.......give it a go and see what you think.
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I have been looking this since I wore out the vinyl in the late 70s. Thanks for your effort and your good taste.

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