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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1969 on Uni Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Scott & Vivian Holtzman for Zax-Altfeld & Associates, Inc
Engineered By: Walt Andrus, Frank Davis & Mic Leitz
Recorded & Mixed At: Andrus Productions, Houston, Texas; Summit Sound, Denver, Co.: Western & United Studios, Hollywood, CA

Cover Art: Babette Dodson
Man Who Paints The Pictures - Part II
What Time Did You Say It Is In Salt Lake City
Don't Come Crying To Me Girl
Grand Candy Young Sweet
Jokes Are For Sad People
I've Never Seen Evergreen
Peace Of Mind
Death Is The Dancer
Dennis Keller - Vocals
Rob Landes - Keyboards, Harp, Flute, Bass Recorder, Cello
Michael Knust - Guitars
E.E. Wolfe -Bass
John Tuttle - Drums
By Yours Truly
This is Fever Tree's 2nd album and my sentiments from the first one pretty much apply here. In my humble opinion Fever Tree's versions of two standards, Fever and Peace of Mind are the best I've ever heard, even at this point in time. There's also an instrumental tune on this one called Jokes are for Sad People who's melodies have always tugged at my soul. Just a very beautiful, peaceful, piece of music. So for this one as well as the first one........
This is one of those special albums for me. One of those albums where the songs are part of your life's soundtrack. Up until the internet came along I was thinking I was about the only one who knew who they were, but I know now there were others out there, just hard to connect with them until the net came along and made it easier to find like minded individuals.
I never realized back then that San Francisco Girls was a minor hit, but it was always an anthem for me and my dream of heading out west and playing music. I never got out there but anytime I play this album I recall how I felt back's like that certain smell that makes you think of being a kid at home.....
For me this is a great album from start to finish so it's hard to pick a favorite.
The reviews below, while based on the compilation of the first two albums, make some pretty valid points.
A fine compilation..always was, always will be!, July 17, 2007
Jill Molitor (Texas) - (Amazon Customer Review)
\While growing up in Houston, I had the opportunity to know these guys and hear them many times. I still have the original Fever Tree album and was very excited to find a CD was released so I can listen in my car. This is an exceptional piece of work by a band who was ahead of their time. There is nothing like the tonal quality of the instruments from the 60's and they don't disappoint on this LP. The boys are back and we'll never forget you! Check it won't be sorry.
My hat's off to Neil, July 7, 2007
S. Perry "Pez the Frish" (MA) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I've always found a good way to find new music is to find out who the bands you listen to enjoy. So when I came across a reference to this band in Neil Peart's book Roadshow I decided to look them up and wound up buying the album. All I can say is "Thanks Neil!" This is a solid and thoroughly enjoyable band. While they may have not been at the forefront of the psychedelia movement they are certainly worth a listen. The material runs from bluesy guitar driven tracks to laid back piano pieces, with horns, strings,and organ adding jazz and classical touches. At his heaviest the vocalist could have fronted Deep Purple, while in his softer moments I hear a touch of Neil Diamond. Most of the material is original, but they cover the likes of Wilson Pickett and the Beatles. The end result is an album that doesn't quite make the A list, but certainly shouldn't be forgotten.
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