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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1979 on Capitol Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Norbert Putnam for Trebron Productions
Engineered By: Bruce Henzal, Norbert Putnam, Rick Allison, Gene Eichelberger, Marty Lewis & Jimmy Stroud
Recorded At: Criteria Sound Studios, Miami, Florida; Quadrophonic Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Cover Art: Doug Hopkins & Frank Laffitte
Never Enough
Silver Stars
For Love
Cold Outside
Hallelujah I'm A Bum
Long Legs
The Loving One
We Never Give Up
Gotta Get Far Away
Jon Pousett-Dart - Vocals, Guitars
John Curtis - Vocals, Guitars
John Troy - Bass, Vocals
Michael Dawe - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Keyboards - Paul Harris, Chuck Chaplin, Shane Keister
Percussion - Joe Lala, Farrell Morris
Woodwinds - Tim Weisburg, Billy Puett, Bill Jones
Horns - Bill Jones, Billy Puett, George Tidwell,James Skipper, Dennis Good
Strings - Shelly Kurland
String Arrangements - Bill Jones, Sanchez Harley
By Yours Truly
The following reviews, culled from amazon, while based on the Best Of CD released in 1994, still very much apply to this Lp and the other 3 as well. It's a pretty safe bet that if you listen to this one and like it that the other 3 will be welcome in your collection also....
Due for discovery, December 23, 2005
By Retro Guy (New York, NY) - (Amazon Customer Review)

I had one of Pousette Darts albums back in college, and it was a favorite. I uncovered the vinyl in a box in the basement recently and it was as great as I remembered. And now, it's on CD. If you like smart, sharp, tuneful acoustic music, don't miss Pousette-Dart. I am thrilled to have this great music on CD and vinyl!
At Last!, April 11, 2006
By Tom M (South of Canada) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I am so glad to finally found the Best of Pousette-Dart CD! My records (LPs) are so wornout, that I can't hear the music over the noise of the scratches. This CD has what I would consider the 22 best Pousette-Dart Band songs. These are the original versions recorded by Jon and the band.... and they sound every bit as amazing as they did when they first were released. I was lucky enough to see the band a few times, the first time being at Keene State College (Keene NH). As good as the recordings are, Jon is simply grand to hear live! He still tours and I recommend seeing him. From start to finish, every song is a delight..... this is a CD every music lover should own
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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1969 on Elektra Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 224 kbps
Produced By: Peter K. Siegel
Engineered By: David Sanders, Peter K Siegel
Recorded At: A&R Studios & Elektra Sound Recorders, New York, New York.
Cover Art: Gene Szafran
Home to You
Mad Lydia's Waltz
Alfie Finney
Sanctuary from the Law
All Winter Long
The American Eagle Tragedy
Roast Beef Love
It's Love
Peter Rowan - Vocals, Guitars, TenorSax
David Grisman - Vocals, Guitars, Alto sax
John Nagy - Vocals, Bass, Cello, Mandocello
Paul Dillon - Drums
John Cale - Viola
Bill Keith - Pedal Steel
Jack Bonus - Saxes
Richard Grando - Saxes
David Horowitz - Keyboards
Taste of History, May 3, 2004
John M. Benante - Amazon Customer Review
I actually had the LP, back during the turbulent late'60s - early '70s. And here we are, more than 30 years later, and the sentiments expressed in the title song couldn't be more cogent in these days of a bumbling chief executive and more death, all around, in Iraq. We sure haven't learned very much in the interim. Sure, the song has an overwrought quality to it - but it's still quite effective, and beautifully sad in sections. Peter Rowan's voice isn't especially wonderful, but its strained, almost reedy quality serves this song well.
Beyond the title song, we have a mixed bag. "Home to You" has aged well, I think. "Mad Lydia's Waltz" is a little known gem. Only "Roast Beef Love" and "Sanctuary From the Law" seem like throwaways, to my hearing at least.
Overall, this CD is highly recommended. At only about 37 minutes in length, it's rather short. But there are several high points that will reward the listener.
Apocalypse then, December 7, 2006
E. OBrien (Palm Harbor, Fl.) - (Amazon Customer Review)
The title song is much more than a late 60's college radio classic. What Peter Rowan and Dave Grisman did on this anti war song cannot effectivly be described in words. It is powerful, heart pounding and hand sweatingly visceral. To listen to it is to feel the anger at the government and the frustration of knowing that the madness was continuing despite all efforts to stop it. And beyond belief was that while President Nixon was in the final stages of his own personal and political melt down he continued to send thousands of America's children to Viet Nam to die in an unnecessary war. He did all this while ignoring the voice of the majority of the people. Rowan and his group must have collapsed after recording it. Ignoring parallels with the present administration and Iraq is impossible. Listen to it and weep.
By Yours Truly
Another album from the late 60's that made a big impression on me. Back then it was Viet-Nam and now it's nigh on impossible to listen to the title track and not experience deja vu due to our current incompentant administrations war monger aspirations. Personally I don't expect it to get any better when the media's new messiah takes over and hoping it don't get a whole lot worse.
Politics aside, this band started the careers of Peter Rowan and David Grisman. Drop either name into a google search bar and see where they went from here. My favorite tunes, other than the title offering have always been Home To You, Sanctuary From The Law and All Winter Long. Back in high school we had an assignment, I don't recall what class, that reqired us all to do a 10 minute radio broadcast, complete with ads and news. So me, hating public speaking, Put all my ads and news in the first 4 minutes and played All Winter Long for my song to fill up the last 6 minutes. I don't recall the grade I got either but that's probably just as well. I'd rather have played the title cut which was less pastoral and more to the point, but I needed at least a passing grade.
This is Earth Opera's 2nd disc. I have the first one too but have never listened to it much......to my mind this is the one to have.....
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Friday, December 19, 2008


Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1969 on Columbia Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 224 kbps
Produced By: David Rubinson
Engineered By: Don Puluse & Glen Kolotkin
Cover Art: Bob Cato
The Place And The Time
Murder In My Heart For The Judge
Bitter Wind
Can't Be So Bad
Just Like Gene Autry, A Foxtrot
Motorcyle Irene
Three Four
Funky Trunk
Rose Colored Eyes
Millers Blues
Naked If I Want To
Peter Lewis - Vocals, Guitars
Jerry Miller - Vocals, Guitars
Bob Mosley - Vocals, Bass
Skip Spence - Vocals Guitar
Don Stevenson - Drums
WOW, October 11, 2007 By
E.I.E.I. Owen (Philadelphia, Pa U.S. - (Amazon Customer Review)
With the release of Sgt. Pepper, almost everybody in the music world tried to copy it with mostly disastrous results. Overblown production, forced strings, and goofy sound effects showed up in most pop music afterwards. Everybody wanted to ride on that multi colored bus called Psychedliea, especially the major labels. Few groups were able to pick up the gauntlet that the Beatles threw down and the Moby Grape was one of them. "Wow" is the group's second studio album. It is a lot more varied than its predecessor is but it also shows that it is a product of it's time. Not many groups could pull off an album that goes from the madrigal-like "The Place & the Time", to a soulful rocker "Murder In My Heart For The Judge", to the sound collage in "Bitter Wind", to a shuffle with horns in "Can't Be So Bad", to the ode to vaudeville in "Like Gene Autry; A Foxtrot", all in the space of one side of an album (note: on the original vinyl version of the album "Like Gene Autry" was actually mastered at 78rpm.). The rest of the tracks give more evidence that the Grape had what most of their San Franciscan brethren did not, songs. Again the re-mastering job is better than expected and a vast improvement over previous incarnations. Unfortunately, the bonus album "Grape Jam" is not included. When "Wow" was initially released, record buyers got the "Grape Jam" album as a bonus. Now "Grape Jam" is available separately and like "Wow," it has bonus tracks and liner notes from Gene Sculatti. So pick it up and enjoy. UPDATE: 12/27/2007-Matthew Katz does it again. You may have heard that Sundazed pulled the first 3 albums from circulation due to Katz and an issue with the ownership of the artwork. Honestly Katz let it go, how many times do you have to screw these guys over I mean reallly, it isn't like the reissues shipped platinum. F&%* MATTHEW KATZ
Moby Grape's "Wow", October 17, 2007
James Choma - (Amazon Customer Review)
Before I ever heard any of their songs, I knew of Moby Grape by reputation -- the quintessential 60's band that had an incredible first album, the success of which they could never top, and they flamed out big time. I always wondered how that momentum was halted and how such a highly regarded band could flop. That brings us to "Wow." Until recently, I had never heard anything other than their first album, which was pretty darn good and serves as a great late 60's timepiece. When getting ready to listen to "Wow," I prepared myself for dull, boring, tuneless 60's psychedelia. I must say I was truly blown away by how good this entire CD was. I dare say it's just as good as the debut album. Great harmonies, tight playing and arrangements, and great instrumentation throughout. I swear listening to this made me feel like I was transported back to 1968. It's one of those rare albums that does live up to it's title. This prompted me to find out more about the band and see exactly where things fell apart. And after searching, I found that with Moby Grape, what could go wrong, did go wrong. At the root of it all lay horrible management on the business and personal side. Moby Grape was a wonderfully constructed boat without a rudder; and when they crashed, they quickly sunk. If you're interested in the band, all you really need is this album and the self-titled debut. I think "Vintage" (a double CD collection of their best) may be out of print, but it certainly would give you a taste of the band as well. Stand out songs: "Murder in My Heart For the Judge," "Bitter Wind," "Rose Colored Eyes," and "He."
WOW is WOW, November 27, 2007
Pete (NJ) - (Amazon Customer Review)
The fall of `68 was an exciting time for me as I had just gotten my driver's license and was beginning my senior year in high school. A friend of mine had just bought this album and I said I had to listen to it. "WOW" is an understatement. And the "Like A Gene Autry Foxtrot" that you would have to get up and switch the record player to 78 r.p.m. was cool. Almost all record players could play 78 in those days. And it included an extra album, "Grape Jam". "Grape Jam" was nice, but was not as good as "WOW", but it was free, so that was good (today these cuts would be considered bonus tracks). In the years since, this still remains as one of my favorite albums. The vinyl is well worn and my turntable doesn't play 78 anymore. In the mid 90's I found a CD which was issued by San Francisco Sound. A little pricey at the time of $24.95, but it included the "Grape Jam" album, and it was a vast improvement over my old worn vinyl. Unfortunately it did not include "Like A Gene Autry Foxtrot" from the WOW album and "The Lake" from the JAM album. In the years following, as technology evolved, I found ways to record the missing songs and improve the sound from the old vinyl. So I now have a complete album set. I can't comment on the quality of the newly released CD, but the WOW album was and still is a great album. Extra tracks are a bonus. Too bad they didn't include the "Grape Jam" cuts as they were bonus tracks in their day. Now you have to buy them extra. Buy WOW and enjoy.
By Yours Truly
If the reviews above still have you doubting whether this one is worth the time to download I will shout out a resounding yes! This is seriously one of my most favorite albums from the time era is was born in. I still play it today and enjoy it immensely. Sure it's gonna sound dated if you're hearing it for the first time today, but for us old farts who were around back then, this one is a jewel. I'd put it up against any other album made in the same timeframe. It's just too bad that the suits (like always) screwed them over and killed another great band.
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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1981 on Columbia Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Les Dudek
Engineered & Mixed By: Lee De Carlo
Assistant Engineers: Kevin Eddy, Bill Freesh

Recorded & Mixed At: The Record Plant, Hollywood, California
What's Lost Is Truly Gone

Deja Vu ( Da Voodoo's In You)
Sacrifice The Fool
Forever Or Never
Too Damn Dizzy
Call Me Later
Gypsy Ride
Hey, Chicky Chicky
Don't Trust That Woman
I'm O.K.
Les Dudek - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Gary Ferguson - Drums
Max Nolan - Bass
Cliff Newton - Guitar, Background Vocals
Peter Schless - Keyboards
By Yours Truly
This is the 4th Les Dudek solo album and was released 3 years after Ghost Town Parade. Inbetween this one and GTP Les did a short lived gig with a "supergroup" that went by the moniker DFK Band. That stood for Dudek, Mike Finnigan & Jim Krueger.
This is another solid album from Les. Not as cohesive for me as Ghost Town Parade but a top shelf effort none the less. My favorite tunes on this one include What's lost is truly gone, Call me later & Don't trust that woman.
This musicians on this release are an actual band instead of a group of assorted musicians as on the previous releases.
This was Les's last solo album until the mid 90's when A deeper shade of Blues was released. If you've dug the first 3 then this is a natural addition to your collection. Great music from an excellent guitar player.
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Friday, December 05, 2008


Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1978 on Columbia Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Bruce Botnick

Engineered By: Andy Johns & Mike Clink
Recorded & Mixed At: The Record Plant, Studio C; Devlen; The Record Plant Mobile

Central Park

Bound To Be A Change
Gonna Move
Tears Turn Into Diamonds
Friend Of Mine
Does Anybody Care
Down To Nothin'
Falling Out
Ghost Town Parade
Les Dudek - Vocals, Guitars
Drums - Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Gary Mallabar, Carmine Appice
Bass - Gerald Johnson, Robert (Pops) Popwell

Guitar - Jim Krueger
Keyboards - Mike Finnigan, Max Groenthal
Percussion - Patrick Murphy
Background Vocals - Mike Finnigan, Les Dudek, Jack Bruce, Max Groenthal
Buy this one!!!!!!!, December 18, 2005
By Jeff Daniel Grundmann "venustwins" (Santa Fe, NM USA) - (Amazon Customer Review)
Be it "Ghost Town" the other initial Dudek albums "Les Dudek" or "Say No More" you will have a great addition to your collection. My L.P. collection had (and still has) copies of each and they have been WELL played. Les' guitar playing is robust and intense - a great example of a style that was prevelant in the Bay area during the 70's. While I agree that there is some influence of the annoyance of the late 70's - disco - I do not feel that it in any way detracts from the music or total feel of the disc. I have been turning people on to Les for many many many years now and this album was always a sure fire introduction to one of the great guitar players to survive the 70's. Buy ... Listen... Be Happy
An electric-guitar fan's dream, August 18, 2006
By Abstract Expression (NC) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I first heard this album late one night through headphones when my college radio station played it in its entirety at the time of its release. Mesmerized, I purchased it the next day. I have always sought out great guitar work and consider this one of my favorite examples. Whereas some 70's guitarists' solos become over-extended and tedious, Dudek's solos have purpose, and he knows how to integrate them seamlessly and perfectly into the structure of his songs. The songs on this collection flow smoothly from one to the next, and it feels complete with a definite beginning, middle, and end. Highlights for me on the album include the opening "Central Park," and prepare to be overwhelmed by the searing guitar work at the end of "Friend of Mine." "Does Anybody Care," with a reggae-inspired beat, has a nice message that is still relevant today. "Falling Out" achieves a great rock groove and demonstrates impeccable timing. The album ends masterfully with the title track. I also own "Dudek" and "Say No More." Both certainly have their highlights, but I recommend this one, "Ghost Town Parade," as Dudek's most fully realized masterpiece
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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1977 on Columbia Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Bruce Botnick

Engineered By: Bruce Botnick
Recorded At: Capitol Studios
Mixed At: Hollywood Sound, Hollywood California
Lady You're Nasty
One To Beam Up
Old Judge Jones
Baby Sweet Baby
What's It Gonna Be
Zorro Rides Again
I Remember
Les Dudek - Vocals, Guitars
Drums - Jeff Porcaro
Bass - Gerald Johnson
Keyboards - David Paich, Alan Feingold, Ted Straton
Percussion - Kevin Calhoun, Reymondo, Pat Murphy
Background Vocals - Rebecca Louis, Sherie Matthews, Clydie King
He's right up there......, June 3, 2004
Douglas N. Girardot "poprocks" (Armada, Michigan) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I first heard L.D. back in the 70's,"Old Judge Jones" got some air play on Detroit's progressive FM stations, and I bought the vinyl, to my surprise the entire LP was very good (I don't throw the word great around too often). Les is very flavorful in his guitar phrasing, he can sing, play bass, and can write, ( he co-wrote "Jessica" with the Allmans). I played the "Say no more" CD a few days ago and I still "get off" on "One to Beam Up" and "Zorro Rides Again" two KICK-ASS instrumentals. Like other fans, I'm begging Sony to release ALL Les Dudek material (you guys will make your money back). I have every thing he's done on vinyl, including the "D.F.K. Band" , but the vinyl's wearing thin. If you like rock & roll guitar, well written songs, and very good productions, grab all the Les Dudek stuff you can find you won't be disappointed. Check out Les in the movie "Mask", with Cher and Sam Elliot, he played a biker named "Bone"
Say No More, August 24, 2000
C. Johnson (Chiacgo, Illinois, U.S.) - (Amazon Customer Review)
It's been awhile since someone commented on Les, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring. Definitely one of the all time best guitar players...bar none! I have to agree with the rest of the reviews. From his 1st self titled Les Dudek album right up till Deeper Shades, he's given' us listeners nothing but pure enjoyment. It's time for SONY to wake up and release everything of Les's either in a box set or in the current trend of todays affordable 2 on 1 discs. We need "Les Dudek", Ghost Town Parade", DFK (Dudek, Finnegan & Krueger Band and "Gypsy Ride". This is a correction to the previous reviewers who referred to the title as Deja Vu. Sony's held these captive long enough. It's time to release Les' great music for all to enjoy. Our LP's can only last so long!
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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1976 on Columbia Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Boz Scaggs

Engineered By: Leonard Kovner, Roy Segal, Glen Kolotkin
Mixed By: Tom Knox
Recorded & Mixed At: Davlen Sound Studios, North Hollywood, California & Columbia Sound Studios, San Francisco, California
Cover Art: Ethan Russell
City Magic
Sad Clown
Don't Stop Now
Each Morning
It Can Do
Take The Time
Cruisin' Groove
What A Sacrifice
Les Dudek - Vocals, Guitars
Drums - Jeff Porcaro
Bass - Gerald Johnson, Jim Hughart, David Hungate, Chuck Rainey
Keyboards - David Paich, David Foster
Lyracon - Tom Scott
Congas - Mailto Correa
Percussion - Glen Cronchite
Background Vocals - Maxine Green, Pepper Swenson, Jeri Stevens, Carolyn Willis, Myrna Matthews, Rebecca Louis, Boz Scaggs, Les Dudek
Welcome Back Les!, April 13, 2004
By Tax Guy "Sam" (Sunny Florida) - (Amazon Customer Review)
It's wonderful to see this classic back! If you are a fan of the Allman Brothers or Boz Scaggs you must have this CD! He played with the Allman Brothers on Brothers and Sisters and was on Boz's Silk Degrees. A killer guitarist in the tradition of Duane and the vocal style of Gregg, with the production and songwriting of a cross of both the Allman's and Boz. The songs are excellent. Why this has been out of print? I do not know. I have been waiting for it for years. Pick up a copy of a lost classic, you will not be disappointed!
Had to catch my breath, October 4, 2005
By Jim Hoopes (Tucson, Arizona USA) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I couldn't agree more with the first reviewer! When I typed in Les Dudek in the search, and saw this album pop up, I actually gasped. I have been waiting over 20 years for this album to be re-released. If you don't have this album, you need to get it!! The song "What a Sacrifice" will never be duplicated. There was a watered down version on a Steve Miller album of no particular note (except for this song). Get this album, and prepare to be amazed.
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