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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1970 on Liberty records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 256kbps
Produced By: Frank Slay & J.C. Phillips for Chicory Productions
Engineered By: Paul Buff, Bob Kovach & Ken Nelson
Recorded At: ?
Cover Art - Joel Franklin
Spaceship Earth
Hot Water
Rusty Cloud
I Don't Need You Baby
Rollin' Hills
Mother Nature's Wine
Country Dawg
Music Box
Tongue In Cheek
Jerry Corbetta - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Chimes
Bob Webber - Vocals, Guitar, Dobro
Bob Raymond - Vocals, Bass
Bob McVittie - Drums
Robert Yeazel - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bells, Harmonica
Glenn Grab - Cello on Music Box
Joe Julian - Viola on Music Box
By Yours Truly
Sugarloaf was a Colorado based band that was built originally around the keyboard and leadership of Jerry Corbetta. They had a smash hit called Green Eyed Lady that was the anchor for their first album. However, somewhere between the first album and this one, the second, they added another member by the name of Robert Yeazel who is mostly the one responsible for this album. He has at least co-writer credits for every song on the album and sole credit for most of them along with distinctive singing and lead guitar work.
This is one of the first, if not the first ecologically based albums and was dedicated to F. Buckminster Fuller's book Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth. While the tone of this album is decidedly eco-based there are a few tunes that don't follow that theme. Overall though this was / is an above average album for 1970. When I play it nowadays yes, it does sound a bit dated but jeez in 1970 most of us were still watching TV on black and white sets too so to put things in the proper perspective....this is an album worth adding to your collection for the simple reason of it's early on eco-status but also because there is a lot of good playing on this album and I woudn't be a bit surprised if you play it more than once or twice and find yourself singing along with the boys in the band.
Put on your bellbottoms, crank up the volume and take a trip back damn near 40 years ago.

READ THIS for more information on this album.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

always had the first record,liked it alot, green-eyed lady is a song everyone remembers,didn't know they had a second can't wait to hear it, THANKS PS love those GYSPY albums

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 8:08:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Tom Eckels said...

Actually they put out a 3rd album in 1975 or 76 I believe but I never got around to pickin' it up.
Glad to hear you're diggin the Gypsy albums too!

Rock on


Wednesday, October 8, 2008 at 12:58:00 AM EDT  

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