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Digitized from the original vinyl and CD's encompassing Joes work from 1972's "The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get" to 1992's "Songs For A Dying Planet".
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320kbps
I can Play That Rock & Roll
Rocky Mountain Way
At The Station
Two Sides To Every Story
Welcome To The Club
Good Man Down
Half The Time
Over & Over / 2nd Hand Store
Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk)
Turn To Stone
Slow Dancing
The Worry Song
You Might Need Somebody
Memory Lane
Inner Tube / Theme From Boat Weirdos
Dear John
Indian Summer
Down On The Farm
All Of A Sudden
I Know
The Confessor
Time Out
I'm Actin' Different
Falling Down / Pavane Of The Sleeping Beauty
Told You So
In My Car
Look At Us Now
County Fair
Got Any Gum / Up To Me
Song For A Dying Planet
I'm a LARGE Joe Walsh fan. Almost rabid about it and have been since the first time I heard "Take a Look Around" back in '69. There might be a more rabid fan than me out there somewhere if they've got a pair of his underwear framed and hanging on their den wall, or something else equally as silly, but otherwise I'll go toe to toe with anybody about Joe.
This compilation does not span Joes' entire career only the 20 year period from 1972 to 1992. My reason for not including his whole career in this collection is that I feel his work with the James Gang is different enough from what came later to warrant it's own compilation, which I have yet to get around to doing...
You also won't find anything here from the "BARNSTORM" album. The reason for that omission is for me personally that album is one complete piece of work and no one tune can be extracted from the whole work of art. If you start playing it you need to go to the end, nonstop. No bathroom breaks, no trips to the corner store for more beer, no distractions, nothing. So, because I wasn't sure when it came out if it was a Joe Walsh solo album called Barnstorm or Joe's new band called Barnstorm, it stands alone as the transitional period.
This very personal compilation was a labor of love for me. For over two months back in 2001 I worked on assembling the tunes in the order I wanted them on these two CD's. Not only the included tunes were important, but the order in which they were placed on the CD's was also very much a planned effort.
I'm probably slightly biased, but I feel this is by far the best collection of Joe's work available from this period of his career. I have given copies to a number of friends and other folks who professed to be big fans of Joes' and every one of them has come back to tell me that it was an awesome package of music. There is just under 2 hours and 40 minutes worth of music in this package and if you are at all a Joe Walsh admirer I believe you will reach for this compilation anytime you feel like hearing some Joe Walsh.
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