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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1968 on Capitol Records.

Recorded at the Sierra Sound Lab, Berkeley, California
Recording engineers: Roy Ward & Bob De Sousa

Bit Rate: 320 Kbps
Format: Mp3

1000 Years B.C.
Nothing Can Stop The Elephants
Ashes Of Me
Crying Shoes
I Love You
What We Need Is A Lot More Jesus and A Lot Less Rock & Roll
The Epic

Larry Norman - Lead Singer
Gene Mason - Lead Singer
Geoff Levin - Band Leader,Vocals, Guitar
Robb Levin - Bass Guitar
Albert Ribisi - Keyboards
Denny Fridkin - Drums


By Yours Truly
Well, I say THE EPIC is worth the price of the album, what do these professional reviewer guys know anyhow?? Do they even play music? read music? I think if you're going to review albums that A) you should have something good to say that outweighs the bad....at least 51%. If you don't like the band/album/music then why review it in the first place? The silence of no reviews will be deafening. B) Have a background in music and be able to play at least one instrument competently. Include your musical background in all your reviews, like a resume, so us that do know something about music can get an idea whether or not your full of shit right off the bat. C).....I can't think of a "C" at the moment but 2 outa 3 would be an improvement over what we usually get.


Review by Joe Viglione (All Music Guide)
The title track's cover of Zombies member Chris White's fabulous song "I Love You" went Top 15 in the spring and summer of 1968. The anomaly that drifts in from seemingly out of nowhere, this causes one to wonder why bands who have success with someone else's music do not try reinventing other tunes. As Tommy James' composition "Tighter Tighter" for Alive 'N Kickin', Stan Vincent's "O-o-h Child" for the Stairsteps, and producer Paul Leka's visionary "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye for Steam identified those bands, all three acts failed to follow up their radio play majesty with another magical arrangement of a great tune. In the case of Alive 'N Kickin', it's a poor album of filler to round out a sublime 45 RPM.

People needed to craft an album of songs as beautifully arranged and performed as the title track here, and they failed to do so. Thirteen minutes and 25 seconds of "The Epic" is all that is on side two, and it is a major-league rip-off. At least Iron Butterfly made their signature song, "In a Gadda Da Vida," interesting by dragging it across most of an LP side, and an extended "I Love You" would have made this album a classic. Instead, there are competent but boring exercises like "1,000 Years B.C.," "Crying Shoes," the born-again-tinged "What We Need Is a Lot More Jesus and a Lot Less Rock & Roll," and "Nothing Can Stop the Elephants." Nothing can help this album, actually, except for the marvelous hit single. It's not as bad as the Alive 'N Kickin' disc, but it isn't as good as an album by Gary Lewis with no hit singles, like his New Directions disc, for example. And what does that say? The hit single is so perfect, so stunning, they really should have spread it across both sides of this Capitol record.
READ THIS for more information on this album.



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Please send me the link for me to download "PEOPLE / I LOVE YOU"

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Hi -

Yes, we professional reviewers also read music, write music and have had albums released in Europe and even managed famous record producers! Some of us have forgotten more about music than most people will ever know!


Joe Viglione

Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 3:16:00 PM EST  

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