Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Music Via the Net or Opening Pandora's Box

Well I anguished for several days over whether to include this post here or in the Rants & Raves blog and after some consideration I decided that because it's a music based rave it belongs here.
The Genome Project or is my discovery only because I discovered it while cruising thru a week or two ago. After considerable testing of the Pandora Philosphy I've come to the conclusion that it works pretty well and is an excellent way to find new music worth buying in these days of radio blight. Between Pandora and other sites like Publik Music and the now defunct Onion River Radio there are quite a few ways to find good music these days if you're willing to go out and look for it.
Just to save myself some time and energy, here's a link to Steve's site PANDORA Hopefully the link will work but if for some reason it doesn't than just go to (Click on the title) and start reading..........I don't know why these guys are going to all this trouble, but some questions shouldn't be asked and really doesn't matter why, it just matters that they are..........I know I'm grateful for their efforts and if you love music I'd be willing to bet that after a couple days using Pandora as your own personal DJ you will be too........To paraphrase Tom Petty...The last DJ indeed!
That is all.....Rock on


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