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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1982 on RCA Records
BIT RATE: 320 kbps
Produced By:Leon Medica
Executive Producer: Dan Loggins
Production Assistant: Marlene Bitters
Recorded at: Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana
Engineered By:Warren Dewey, David Farrell, Terry Christian
Mixed At: Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, California
Mastered At: Capitol Records , Los Angeles, California
Mastering Engineer: Ken Perry
All Arrangements By: Le Roux
Photography: David Kennedy
Design & Art Direction: Ron Kellum 
It Doesn't Matter
Nobody Said It Was Easy
The Last Safe Place On Earth
You Know How Those Boys Are
Midnight Summer Dream
Rock 'N' Roll Woman
Long Distance Lover
Make Believe
Jeff Pollard - Guitars, Vocals
Rod Roddy - Keyboards, Vocals
David Peters - Drums, Vocals
Leon Medica - Bass, Vocals
Bobby Campo: Percussion, Vocals
Tony Haselden - Guitar, Vocals
By Michael Yates on January 4, 2004Format: Audio CD 
For the unitiated Le Roux has been around for awhile making fine soft rock in a southern style.
Most southerners first heard the band on the cut "New Orleans Ladies" which remains a fabulous tune and a rare opportunity to hear the word "sashay", defined as a quite stylish feminine gait.
The album charted but not by much. Followed by the spaghetti cover lp featuring "Window Eyes" Le Roux continued to toil in anonymity except for those loyal southerners. Next was the "up" lp which is now briefly available as an import. It was nice and featured "Roll Away the Stone" as a single. It sold about like the others.
The band then left Capitol and produced "last safe place" for RCA. To the surprise of all it produced a top 40 single "Nobody Said It Was Easy" sounding a lot like Little River Band. The title cut "Last Safe Place" was released and charted in the 60's which was unfortunate because it's probably the finest rock cut the band produced. Also check out "Make Believe" on this disc; beautiful ballad.
This is an excellent disc, more complete than all predecessors and far better than their last release on RCA. It's also impossible to find so if you can actually order it thru Amazon break out the charge card and pony up the $22.00. It's worth it.
Also recommended, the Bayou Degradable set as partner to this CD. Together they represent a fine ballad band that occasionally rocks. They just never quite got their due. 

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