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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1972 on A&M Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: David Anderle, A Willow Production
Engineers: John Haeny, Richie Moore, Kent Nebergall
Recorded and Mixed At: Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, California by David Anderle
Cover Art: Bob Jenkins
Deliver Me
Davy McVie
In My Own Small Way
Sail Away
Two Lovely Women
In A Dream
Drunk & Dirty
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Jenny's Blues
All songs written by Rick Roberts except "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" written by Harlan Howard
Rick Roberts - Vocals, Guitars
Don Henley - Drums, Background Vocals
Bernie Leadon - Guitar, Banjo, Background Vocals
Randy Meisner - Bass
Jackson Browne - Background Vocals
Al Perkins - Pedal Steel, Guitar
Joe Lala - Percussion
Chris Hillman - Bass
Dallas Taylor - Drums
David Crosby - Harmony Vocals
Jane Getz - Keyboards, Harmony Vocals
Byron Berline - Fiddle
Lee Sklar - Bass
Mike Utley - Organ
Marc Benno - Guitar
See Firefall and Flying Burrito Brothers for info on Rick. I could find nothing relating to just him as a solo artist and songwriter.
Forgotten Gems, September 17, 2008
Nightspore - (Amazon Customer Review)
A worthwhile reissue of Rick Roberts' solo work, very much of its time but both albums are in my opinion very much underrated. For those more familiar with Roberts work with Firefall these songs may be an acquired taste, as there is a greater emphasis on country and folk here which is not so obvious in Roberts' later work. To Roberts' credit most of these songs work well, though there are definite standouts: Davy McVie, In A Dream, Deliver Me, and Sail Away all stand alongside Roberts best work with the Burritos and Firefall. Sail Away in particular improves with every listening, a song that is able to be epic and intimate all at once without overshooting the mark. It's a shame in a way there was not a live album released by Roberts at this time - it would have made an ideal companion to these forgotten gems.
By Yours Truly
I never was really much of a fan of the Flying Burrito Brothers at the time they were making music although I've remedied that problem since. I was a big fan of Firefall however and for me the centerpiece of that band, like the FBB was Rick Roberts. His voice and his songs were the focal point for me in both those bands.
I don't really recall how I came to find Ricks two solo albums, but I'm damn glad I did. Since 1972/73 his two solo albums have been an important part of my record collection. On Windmills, his first of two solo albums he has written some songs that have been a part of my daily existence since the first time I heard them. Deliver Me, Sail Away, In A Dream to name a few are songs that I can play in my head anytime I feel the need to give myself a couple moments of peace. It's worth owning this record if for no other reason that the final cut, Jenny's Blues. It's an absolutely beautiful song and after you listen to this record once or twice you'll probably wonder like I have for the last 35 years, why wasn't Rick Roberts a household name?
These days from what I've been able to find out, Rick is not in good health, however he is still with us for now. I wish there was a way to reach him and thank him for his beautiful songs before it's too late.
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This is one of my favorite albums. I had lost my vinyl copy a long time ago and recently bought another online.

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