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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1968 on Power Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Freddy DeMann & Frank Cook
Engineer: Bill Halverson & Bill Cooper
Recorded and Mixed At: Wally Heiders & American, Los Angeles
Cover Art: Ben Talbert
Wade In The Water
Cry, Cry, Cry
Motor City's Burning
The Hunter
Long Handled Shovel
Jelly, Jelly
Stormy Times
Live Love
Frank Cook - Drums
Brent Block - Bass
Tom Marshall - Rhythm Guitar
Glenn Schwartz - Lead Guitar
Charlie Allen - Vocals
Joe Sample - Keyboards
Its about time!, May 17, 2008
Nels D. Peterson "loud and stoopid" (Los Angeles) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I looked over a few battered copies of this recording on lp, and chose to wait for it on cd, after so many years, it finally is available! Since I truly enjoy this group, specifically "Guitar Glen" I must say I have held very high hopes for this, and it is even better than my expectations. I've listened through it once, can't comment on sound quality yet, but the music itself is very enjoyable, plenty of exquisite guitar work, and of course, the singing is top notch. Extra tracks have been used to fill up the cd, and I enjoyed each, even the alternate takes. Get this cd, no hesitation, it is timeless, you won't think it is "from 1968", it is simply very enjoyable quality music.
By Your Truly
This is a classic album in my collection for me. It's the first album I ever bought with the world "Blues" on the cover. I don't recall what prompted me to buy it, probably the cover. I hadn't heard any of it before buying it but I sure wore it out once I got it home.
This is the album I used to teach myself how to play drums. Which would probably explain the less than pristene sound of the vinyl. I would play it over and over, playing along with it on my practice pads to learn all the fills and different rhythms and beats. I still play along with it to this day though nowadays I crank the stereo and play on my kit.
On the strength of this album and their live performances the band managed to secure a big contract with Columbia and put out 2 more good albums, but then things kinda fell apart, like so many bands do, and that was pretty much it for PG&E. I believe some of this stuff came out on CD eventually and if you can find it, it's worth owning, but I've yet to see a vinyl copy of this first album with this oringinal cover.
Way back in '68 this album made a big impression on me and expanded my musical horizons to a point that allowed me to be receptive to many other styles of music. A process that's still going on today.
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