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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1977 on Columbia Records.
Format: Mp3
Bit Rate: 320 kbps
Produced By: Bruce Botnick

Engineered By: Bruce Botnick
Recorded At: Capitol Studios
Mixed At: Hollywood Sound, Hollywood California
Lady You're Nasty
One To Beam Up
Old Judge Jones
Baby Sweet Baby
What's It Gonna Be
Zorro Rides Again
I Remember
Les Dudek - Vocals, Guitars
Drums - Jeff Porcaro
Bass - Gerald Johnson
Keyboards - David Paich, Alan Feingold, Ted Straton
Percussion - Kevin Calhoun, Reymondo, Pat Murphy
Background Vocals - Rebecca Louis, Sherie Matthews, Clydie King
He's right up there......, June 3, 2004
Douglas N. Girardot "poprocks" (Armada, Michigan) - (Amazon Customer Review)
I first heard L.D. back in the 70's,"Old Judge Jones" got some air play on Detroit's progressive FM stations, and I bought the vinyl, to my surprise the entire LP was very good (I don't throw the word great around too often). Les is very flavorful in his guitar phrasing, he can sing, play bass, and can write, ( he co-wrote "Jessica" with the Allmans). I played the "Say no more" CD a few days ago and I still "get off" on "One to Beam Up" and "Zorro Rides Again" two KICK-ASS instrumentals. Like other fans, I'm begging Sony to release ALL Les Dudek material (you guys will make your money back). I have every thing he's done on vinyl, including the "D.F.K. Band" , but the vinyl's wearing thin. If you like rock & roll guitar, well written songs, and very good productions, grab all the Les Dudek stuff you can find you won't be disappointed. Check out Les in the movie "Mask", with Cher and Sam Elliot, he played a biker named "Bone"
Say No More, August 24, 2000
C. Johnson (Chiacgo, Illinois, U.S.) - (Amazon Customer Review)
It's been awhile since someone commented on Les, so I'm throwing my hat in the ring. Definitely one of the all time best guitar players...bar none! I have to agree with the rest of the reviews. From his 1st self titled Les Dudek album right up till Deeper Shades, he's given' us listeners nothing but pure enjoyment. It's time for SONY to wake up and release everything of Les's either in a box set or in the current trend of todays affordable 2 on 1 discs. We need "Les Dudek", Ghost Town Parade", DFK (Dudek, Finnegan & Krueger Band and "Gypsy Ride". This is a correction to the previous reviewers who referred to the title as Deja Vu. Sony's held these captive long enough. It's time to release Les' great music for all to enjoy. Our LP's can only last so long!
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