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Digitized from the original vinyl, released in 1976 on Asylum records.
Bit Rate: 256 Kbps
Format: Mp3
Produced By: Peter Asher
Engineered By: Val Garay, Greg Ladanyi
Recorded & Mixed At: The Sound Factory, Los Angeles, California
Cover Art: Lorrie Sullivan, concept by J.D. Souther
All strings, horns and woodwinds arranged and conducted by David Campbell
Banging My Head Against The Moon
If You Have Crying Eyes
Your Turn Now
Faithless Love
Baby Come Home
Simple Man, Simple Dream
Silver Blue
Midnight Prowl
Doors Swing Open
Black Rose
All songs written by J.D. Souther
John David Souther - Vocals, Guitars, Congas
Guitar - Danny Kootchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Glenn Frey, Andrew Gold
Keyboards - Andrew Gold, Peter Asher
Bass - Paul Stallworth, Kenny Edwards
Drums - Jim Keltner, Russell Kunkel, Mike Botts
Background Vocals - David Crosby, Art Garfunkel, Andrew Gold, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Asher
Violin - Charles Veal, Rovbert Dubow, Haim Shtrum & John Wittenberg
Viola - David Campbell, Charles Veal
Cello - Dennis Karmazyn, Ray Kelly
Double Bass - James Bond
Flute - Don Menza, Earl Dumler
Oboe - Earl Dumler
French Horn - David Duke
By (London, England)
Clearly Souther's best and most dense album, it also illustrates why Souther never became a full member of the Eagles and that insiders' assumptions about Souther 'just not being a group person' were widely justified at the time. He presents himself at the peak of his writing ability and, supported by Peter Asher's sensitive production, also in full creative control. In spite of numerous cameo appearences (by Andrew Gold, David Crosby and the Eagles) the album failed commercially like on most other instances Souther decided against the role of the man in the background. Many of the songs feature re-recorded (and better) versions of songs he had previously recorded with Linda Ronstadt, others (like the irresistable Doors Swing Open) are clearly meant for his own use, so unapplicable are they to the Eagles' or Ronstadt's patterns. There is a commodity of patience and density here which gives the album the taste of a burried treasure, a yet largely undiscovered classic. The recent re-issue on CD might enhance that reading of his work, even though other notable attempts (such as his last full-scale album Home By Dawn, which was only re-released in Japan, and is not available elsewhere, not even on Amazon) seemed to be denied this kind of slow appreciation. Highly recommendable.
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Blogger Camarillo Brillo said...

I've always wanted to get some J.D. Souther, since I've seen him guesting and writing songs for everyone, but never pulled the trigger. Thanks for sharing, now I get a chance to check this out!
And your blog, again, is sweet!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 11:22:00 PM EDT  

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